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+2 STR, The Case for Lifting

Isn’t Cardio Better for Me?

For you? Nah, man. You need both! Cardio is just part of the equation. Any good exercise program should include Resistance Training. Whether lifting weights, using resistance bands, or finding new ways to injure yourself on a Bowflex, increasing muscle mass has a substantive effect on your overall fitness. Sure, some people can go overboard, unable to scratch their heads or change their shirts without help. Too often, however, it is discounted in favor of a cardio-centric plan.

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Creating a Play Schedule

Where to Start

Initially, I will be focusing on Physical Fitness in regards to raising my level. Like any kind of training, it should be consistent and change only incrementally as I improve. There should never be a point when you’re using an exercise for training, but you don’t consider it to be a challenge.

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