You walk into a tavern. There’s a posting that reads “Adventurers Wanted.”

Ready to start playing?

If you’re going to play your life like a game, you need to know the rules. Below are the rules for understanding both your starting point and your level progression. These rules are updated as they are refined, so feel free to check back to see if your suggestions have made the cut.


Your Attribute scores are a linear representation of your real-world abilities. They are calculated using a number of different criteria, listed below. Any decimal/fraction/remainder/whatever is always rounded down to the integer. Neither your score, nor your level increases until the integer changes. For those of you who would like to skip the Algebra and Calculus necessary to do these on your own, the Character Sheet does the work for you.


Strength is the measure of your body’s ability to move heavy objects. There are a host of different exercises that can measure this effectively. As it stands, the only exercises that I am prepared to calculate are those in which a 1-Rep-Max can be determined. For each exercise that demands consideration, there can be an appropriate calculation. Currently, Bench Press is the only exercise. More will be added as the community dictates.

Bench Press

If Max Bench > 100

  • Strength = ((Max Bench – 100) / 40) + 10

If Max Bench < 100

  • Strength = Max Bench / 10

Endurance is the measure of the body’s ability to perform under sustained, repetitive exercise. As with Strength, there are several ways to measure this.


If the Number of Miles Ran without walking ≥ 1

  • Endurance = 10 + Number of Miles Ran

If the Number of Miles Ran without walking < 1

  • Endurance = % of Mile Ran without walking * 10

8 on, 12 off Spinning

If Spinning Minutes ≤ 10

  • Endurance = Spinning Minutes

If Spinning Minutes > 10

  • Endurance = ((Spinning Minutes – 10) / 3) + 10

Intelligence is, well, the measure of one’s intellect. Unfortunately, there aren’t many reliable ways to measure this, as even the most popular test is heavily criticized for only displaying a limited view of total intelligence. However, until better means arise, its is the current test used for this stat.

Intelligence = I.Q. / 10


This is the most controversial measurement, as it is the least objective. However, what it measures is very important to improving oneself. Skills in which you are proficient are abilities you have that you can use with confidence in their appropriate setting without consulting anyone else. Skills in which you are an Expert are ones in which you are considered an authority. You could teach a college course, and every student would walk away with an advanced understanding of the skill. For this attribute, you make a list of all proficient skills and expert skills you possess.

Skill = (Number of Proficient Skills + (Number of Expert Skills * 1.5)) / 5


Here, is the real meat and potatoes. Here, is where you measure your own worth. Here, is the number you really care about.

Your Level is based on the average of all of your Attributes. Until that average reaches 11, your level is 1. For every integer your average reaches higher than 10, you gain a level.

If Attribute Average < 11

  • Level = 1

If Attribute Average ≥ 11

  • Level = Attribute Average – 9