Leveling Up

I started at level 3, and I am now level 4. Level 5 seems far away, but I’m gaining on it fast. I’m really keen on the idea of making this whole site into a resource for a tabletop roleplaying game, where you can play as yourself, but you can only level up outside of the game. It would be a great way to meet workout partners or just motivate your favorite group of pasty, noodly nerds into becoming competitively healthy. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of my RPG-playing friends as gym partners in the past, and I have to say that I much prefer having them at the gym with me to going it alone.


Real Talk

I’ve been tracking a number of stats to highlight my progression. This does two things for me: It keeps me motivated, and it keeps me honest. There’s nothing more poisonous to self-improvement than confirmation bias.


I hypothesized that since both Lifting and Interval Training build muscle, the path to weight loss would start very slowly. The current results confirm this. Though it can’t explicitly tell me how much fat I’ve lost, if I’m doing this correctly, I’ve lost more actual pounds of fat than show in this chart. The other measurements corroborate this.   ChartWeight05-26-2014

Waist Size

Measuring your waist is actually a pretty reliable metric when measuring the change in your body shape. The abdomen doesn’t build muscle outward very easily, so the loss of visceral fat should reflect a more dramatic shift in waist size than body weight. Judging by these measurements, the change is sudden and consistent so far. ChartWaistSize-05-26-2014

Spinning Time

This doesn’t measure anything particularly important, but it helps me remember how far I’ve come, which is motivating. I’ve been adding a full minute to the length of the exercise every time I complete it, keeping a good pace. This will cease to improve at the 20 minute mark, but it should help illustrate how quickly your stamina can improve with just a short workout. ChartSpinningTime05-26-2014

Arm Size

I’m not bodybuilding, so I don’t particularly care about this stat. However, I decided to track it for those who may. My arms had a lot of wing flab when I started. If I had to guess why this number has plateaued, it would be because I’m losing fat volume at the same pace I’m gaining it in muscle. ChartArmSize-05-26-2014