Eatin’ Right

Working out is tough. Sticking to a schedule is tougher. Dieting? That’s the worst. I don’t know about you guys, but I have the hardest time policing my diet. I know what to eat, and I know how to cook, but sometimes, I’m hungry, and there’s a whole box of vanilla wafers and a bowl of leftover Funfetti Dip. Fair warning, you may not want to click that if you’re on a diet.

I stuck with my diet, solid, for about three weeks before having to give it up. My primary problem was that my diet was too restrictive in calories. I was excited about the weight I was losing (8 pounds in 3 weeks), but when it came time to lift weights, I couldn’t finish my workouts. I was completely out of energy. Now, I have to rebuild a sensible diet with less focus on weight loss. I’m about to find out just how many chicken breasts a man can eat.

I Brain Gud

Continuing down the road to self-improvement, I’ve been working on my Intelligence stat. An IQ test is really only good at measuring your ability to think in abstracts, so in order to increase that, I elected to go further in mathematics than I ever had before. I signed up for the Khan Academy and started doing exercises. Holy moley, this site is amazing! If I had this when I was in high school, I would have had a much easier time. I recommend it for everyone, everywhere. It even motivates you by tracking your progression and assigning badges. It’s given me a lot of insight on how to make this site better.


I had only been on the Khan Academy for a week before I decided to take another IQ test (It’s important not to take the same test twice), and my IQ score had raised by ten points. Your mileage may vary, but I hope it only varies upwards of mine. Another thing that will keep me coming back is its ability to increase my Skill attribute as well.

Good News

I also managed to complete my full spinning workout and am now adjusting it for intensity until I’m down to my target running weight. In preparation for that, I’ve added some math to the Character Sheet that will assign an Endurance score based on your fastest mile time. In the future, I’ll be doing the same for both a 2-mile time and a 5k.

All of that has pushed me pretty far ahead.


Keep working hard. You’re worth it. Also, if any of you have had success moving forward, I’d love to hear about it.